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    5 10s (impact 2) + RF Atlas pedals = foot numbness?

    Anyone else have this issue? First time using flats in over 20 years. I've never had circulation issues with any kind of clipless shoe / pedal combo.

    I find with these shoes my pinky toe, through half way down my foot (both sides), goes numb after maybe 45 minutes of riding. The shoes are very comfortable just walking around the house (no numbness or discomfort), which makes me wonder if it's something I'm doing on the bike.

    Riding RF atlas pedals, which have a wide platform, but there is probably 1/8-1/4" of shoe sticking off to the 'outside' of the pedal.

    I've always had poor circulation in my feet (they get cold super easy), I'm wondering if this is just a byproduct of not being able to pull up on the shoes to relieve pressure on some vein or something.

    The feeling comes back after about 10 minutes of not pedaling. Very strange.

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    Loosen your laces! Every pair of 5.10s I've had does this to me for the first half dozen rides or more. Until the footbed is broken in and has some flex, it's numbtown when I tighten my laces the normal amount. Need to wear them a bit loose until they wear in. For me the main culprit is the eyelet closest my toes, with the middle one a close second. If there isn't a bunch of slack in the lace there my toes go numb within 30 minutes, followed by the whole foot. My latest pair took around 75 trail miles to break in enough I could tighten them down a normal amount. Worth a try!

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    Thanks much for the response. Will try that this weekend and see how it goes - glad to hear that other people have similar experiences and it's not just me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by probiscus View Post
    Anyone else have this issue?
    I've got the same pedals and the same shoes. No issues here.
    Safe riding,


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    took me about 4 rides to get everything broken in on my setup loosening the laces a bit helped a ton though!

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    With 5.10 (Karver and Freerider) and flats, the bottom of my feet only go numb on some of the roughest descents, and then it's only just tingly and goes away quickly. Had it happen on my first run on Snow Summit, and on my first run on Rabbit Run (Irvine Conservancy). It was far worse with vulcanized sole skate shoes going down Mt Beacon (NY) on a HT.

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