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    5.10'is vs Teva Links

    I'm in the market for new shoes. I'm undecided between 5.10's and the Teva Links. I know the 5.10's are very sticky and work well in most conditions but a little heavy. Anyone have the Links, how well do the work and are they really water proof.

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    I found the impacts to be to chunky and gave my feet a swampy feeling after riding, I picked up a pair of teva pinners and hope they expand the line this year. The tevas are lighter and way better looking IMO. didn't really need the waterproofing of the links but I'm sure the fit is the same, feels like a high end skate shoe. I also like not looking like frankenstien if I want to run some errands after riding on the way home.
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    Havent tried either one but i decided to try out the Links (purple or blue... cant say im thrilled about the color options) based on the water issue since i ride in muddy rainforest most of the time, the heel grip for not slipping while waking down slopes and not being as sticky in hairy situations where you need to get your foot off the pedal... Will post once I get them!

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    Huge Fan of Links!

    Just got a pari of Links (black&purple). First off I totally dig the color-way. It is low key with a bit of style. I have been riding 510's and Nike skate shoes for the last few season. After my first ride with the Links, I was a believer of the time and energy put into designing these kicks. They have good stiffness, excellent arch support, not bulky and overall great support. The soles may not be as sticky as my 510's, but IMO they are perfect. Although I've only riding once, they seem very durable.

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    I'm Happy with my Tevas

    I bought the Teva Links in September and use them with Wellgo C135 pedals. The pedals have the short stubby style pins. Shoe / Pedal interface is good. They don't stick like my son's 5 10 shoes do but the shoes are more to my liking. The 5 10 shoes seemed too big and clunky for my mostly XC riding. I use the Links for my winter shoes as my summer shoes (Pearl Izumi X-Alp) don't keep my feet dry and warm here in coastal BC. The Links do a great job as a winter shoe.

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    if you want a shoe with a stiff sole and great grip thats as absorbs water like a sponge,, then go for 5-10..... if you want a shoe thats waterproof, not quite as stiff and doesnt have as much grip on the pedals, then go teva.,,, one thing i noticed with the links. i have quite wide feet and i found the links to be very tight on my feet, almost to the point where they become uncomfortable to wear, so i will be staying with tried and tested 5-10,

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