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    3/4 AM helmets. Any good options?

    Any good 3/4 helmet out there? They all seems to fall short compare to standard road/xc.

    I have been trying quite a few.
    Most have hotspots I push the helmet on my head from various angles while trying.
    Most are very warm.
    Most are cheaply made for the price.
    Most retention systems are weak, easy to break, and do not hold the helmet in place during a crash.
    Most feel like toys compared to the rudy project helmet I had for the past 4 years.

    TLD A1:
    Fits great, no hotspot, very well built. But is feels very hot.

    IXS Trail:
    Narrow at the temple compare to the back. Retention system is good. Straps are adjustable under the ears. The only think I do not like is how low it sits on the forehead. Probably the best 3/4 helmet overall.

    POC Tectal
    This fits ok but with the inside is weird. There is quite some room in the back. The retention system is bad. Just pull and it comes undone. Nice cosmetics but cheaply made for a $180 helmet.

    Bell Super:
    Hot spots. Did not check retention, but if it is like Giro, it is no good.

    Giro Hex/ Montaro
    Did not play too much with them, but the retention system is weak. In a crash the helmet will move. Tight at the temple. Hot spots.

    Hot spots, did not play too much but it seems well made.

    Kali Maya:
    Narrower and weird fit. However it is very hot.

    I am hoping to try Kask Rex and Met Parabellum. They will likely be better built at least. And the retention system will be well made.
    Any other options?

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    Bontrager Rally is my only proper MTB helmet.

    Poops all over this other skater helmet i had before.. 6 holes in the top middle thats it.

    Recently purchased a MET Parachute, feels light, fits well.. i'll see how it goes cooling wise on my next ride. Mainly got it for those rides that are 75% decents.

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    I can at least add my findings with some other AM/trail style helmets.

    Fly Freestone:

    Comfortable, but narrow if you have a round head (I had to remove the side padding and my head is fairly oval). Rear retention needs to be a little stronger. Heavier than advertised (my M/L I think is about 360g). Venting is good. Coverage is a little weird with this helmet, there seems to be a lot of space above the ears.

    UVEX Quattro Pro:

    Comfortable, also more oval. Great ventilation. Excellent retention. Good coverage at the ears, but not as much in back. Visor is a little narrow. Has a super cool spoiler that I am sure makes me faster. Will hold sunglasses in vents. Fairly heavy 350g.

    Urge Supatrail;
    Comfortable helmet with good retention. More round than Fly and Uvex. Coverage less than the others. Venting is good, but haven't been through a summer with it. Grossly overweight according to specs (supposed to be 268g mine is 345g). This was suppose to be my lightweight lighter duty helmet, so I was really disappointed with the weight. I wear it a lot because it looks cool and is unique, it's a love/hate relationship.

    Bell Stoker:

    Bought this helmet because it was like $25 on clearance. I think it's the most comfortable helmet I own (I forget I'm wearing it all of the time, probably mostly due to the weight). Excellent ventilation. Lightweight (M 306g, I think exactly as advertised). Great coverage (I think it provides the most coverage of all the above helmets). Great retention. A little more round than the Uvex and Fly. Only negative is non adjustable visor.

    I will say that they only helmet that has been crash tested (by me) is the Fly. I hit a deep rut and flew over the bars right into my shoulder and temple area of my head. The helmet did it's job. Had a mild concussion, I'm sure it would have been much worse without the helmet.

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    I really like my Bontrager Lithos. Apparently it's a little on the heavy side, but I don't notice that. It's extremely comfortable, looks great and has some very nice features such as built in sweat channel, two different sets of interchangeable pads, and a built in mount for a light or a go pro.

    It's currently on sale with Trek's spring sale.

    Bontrager Lithos Mountain Helmet | Bike helmets | Cycling accessories | Equipment | Trek Bikes

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    I have the IXS TrailRS and I love it, for what it is, I find it quite cool down here in the Tropics, my only gripe is their sizing splits right at my head size, so had to upsize because I wear a bandanna most times. Retention system is awesome, haven't needed (gladly) to test how good it stays put in a crash, but it is easy to adjust on the fly, so I have it on fairly tightly for general trail cruising, but when I get to anything super gnarly, steep, tech etc, a couple twists on the dial and it's on there good. Also like the ability to adjust how it fits with the 3 position holes in the rear.
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    Get a parachute...

    Spent a solid 3-4hrs riding and walking back up only took it off once when we walked/rode all the way from the bottom to the top.

    Glad I had it as I got smashed in the chin bar twice.

    I guess if you wern't doing DH sessioning sort of thing it wouldn't be needed.
    But its light and cool/breezy enough that you could get away with using it if you know you might need it in that ONE sketchy section.

    *I wear glasses, and they didn't fog once.

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    Thanks for all the suggestions. I did not have a chance to try any of them, but ended up with a kask rex. which is quite pricey but fists better than all others. It has better ventilation and it is lighter. Fits googles and any kind of glasses. It is well padded inside but not overdone. I looks a little like the bell super, but it has less volume and it is less round.

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    Catlike leaf may be one to try. Not as much coverage as some you listed, but I can't fault the helmet, it's been awesome and looks sharp as well.

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    TLD A1 here.

    Fit my head the best of the 3-4 helmets I tried on. Like you said, very well made & excellent retention system.

    It is hotter than my XC helmet (Bell Delirium), but I figure extra coverage comes at a cost.

    Buy a Halo II headband, that'll cut down on the seat that makes it into your eyes.
    I like 'em long, low, slack and playful

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