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    YETI SB5.5 T-SERIES X01 EAGLE 2018 - More Hype than truth?

    I've noticed that there are a number of these for sale used, more so than any other 2 year old or newer bike on craigslist.

    Seems strange that a $6995 bike would be leading the used market. Most are listed for $3500 to $4000, with is a considerable loss.

    I also found new online for $4695.00, a 35% markdown.

    Last, I found 2 reviews (by the major online reviewers) that gave it less than gleaming reports.

    Anyone have personal experience riding one and comparing it to a comparably priced competitor? What were your impressions?
    What type of trails and riding was it on?

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    There is a really long thread in the Yeti forum on this bike. It was very popular, but it's discontinued now and the reason you see frames is that people are moving to the new model that replaced it most likely.

    I owned this bike for a little over 2 years and it was great. I tend to go through bikes and the 5.5 always seemed to stick around. It's a very forgiving bike and whenever I was going to do something stupid, it's the bike I took and it saved me a few times. The final reason that I sold it? Well, bikes have become a bit longer and I was right on the edge of a M and a L and I went with Medium. Now that my other bikes are longer, I would want a Large. If I had a Large from the beginning, I would still own the Yeti.

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    Yup, guys started unloading them as soon as the new models came out. Bike is a really good do everything bike. Geometry is a little dated compared to the new breed of bikes that are out now but if the new angles and longer reach arenít a priority you can get a really good deal on a 5.5 and be really happy.

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    I bought a new one in 18, love it. I use offset bushings in my shock mount to slacken it a degree and slightly lower it, plus a fox dhx2 coil. Great for everyday gnar in SoCal. My buddy has a 150 and that's a BIG heavy bike.

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    I almost bought a 5.5 back in October. Bike shop was selling off their demo's. Bike was an '18 5.5 Turq XT. Came with full factory warranty. They still have it for sale, price now is $4300. I ended up going with a v3 5010

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    Here is some reading for you,

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