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    Will My Bike Endure What I Am Going To Put It Through? Also a quick upgrade question!

    Hello Ladies and Gents, First Post Here! Well, I have been mountain biking here in BC for about 4 or 5 years now! Last Year I upgraded to a full suspension, Giant trance 27.5 3. Now, it has held up just fine to what I have gone through (Where I ride we actually have rated trails, green, blue, black). Now..if any of you have been near where I ride (Monashees, or BC in general) you know the terrain, VERY rocky and rooty on even a beginner trail. Now heres my question, I plan to go Heli Mountainbiking (WOOO!!) But I have no idea if my gear can stand up to it. Its about 17 or so KM of pure rock and root downhill, and yes on a true mountain! But I am worried my gear will have a bit of a rougher time going down it (The entire trail is about 50-75% rideable by advanced riders so..) but I have no idea! What do you think?

    I also wanted to ask, what do any of you think of WickWerks Chain Rings? I was thinking of upgrading the stock Chain Ring (It tends to skip and messes with my deraillur) and replace the chain with a nice new KMC X10/SL.maybe a new Bottom Bracket! What do you guys think? Would it be useful on my bike?
    (In case it helps I consider myself an intermediate to advanced rider)

    Hope I am doing everything right for my first post..Thanks Guys and Gals! - Maleton3

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    The problem is there's lots of types of heli mountain biking. I've seen trips that haul you way off in the mountains and you spend all day descending back to a point someone can actually get a truck to and pick you up, that you can do on XC bikes. But I've also watched Where the Trails Ends. And there's a spectrum in between that. I think the answer to will your bike hold up is probably something like: "If you can manage to ride it without smearing yourself across a tree or a rock, the bike will probably survive."

    As far as the chain rings, doing something might help. Last time I saw a Trance 3 I remember being very unimpressed with the chain rings. And probably the crank too. I've never heard of the brand you mention, but there's plenty of good stuff out there.

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    I would go with the KMC x10.93 over the SL model for durability. Other then that i think it's a great idea to replace your chainring. I usually just buy FSA Pro ATB ring or Shimano XT rings but i'm sure other companies make good rings also. I run a bash guard so i don't have to worry about bending a ring.

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    I have a 27.5 1, and felt it needed (?) some upgrades (fork/wheels) to be AM competent. I imagine that's even more notable with a 27.5 3.

    I know I wouldn't want to put me on a 27.5 3 with the way I ride now, but I ride like a borderline crazy person. As long as you're riding it cognizant of possible limitations, go have fun.

    On a long ride like that, be sure to take extra tubes, maybe a tire, lots of water, tool, etc.
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    it will most likely survive if you use really good judgment. If you have a wimpy fork, it'll likely be flexing a lot on the more technical or hard-hitting obstacles, but they can take a fair bit of abuse without breaking. But no matter how good or bad your components are, ham-fisting your bike into rocks and roots will offer you plenty of opportunities to taco a rim or worse. Good line choice will go a long way toward avoiding that.

    As was said before, bring extra tubes, a pump of some sort, extra water (in the event you or your bike get wrecked and you need to walk out a long way). Another thing I've started to carry is a 'tire boot.' It's basically a thick rubber patch that you can attach inside your tire if you tear a sidewall. There are various designs, but the one I use looks like the largest, thickest tube patch you've ever seen. It doesn't always work, but for smaller tears, it'll mean the difference between riding or walking.

    Above all, just pay attention to what your bike is doing. Go out and ride a rough trail you don't know well. If you feel the frame, fork, wheels, etc flexing a lot when you are riding hard, try to compare those obstacles to the trail that you will be flying in to ride. That might be a good preliminary indicator whether or not your bike will handle it.
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    A fork upgrade and some quality rubber and you should be fine.
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    Agreed. On a descent that long you're going to hate the sektor and the stock monarch migjt very well overheat. Brakes as well. The stock brakes on the 3 fade rapidly after 5 minutes of continuous dh. I know I own the same bike but running a pike, monarch deb plus, and zee brakes front and rear. Will tjey survive?? Yes, as long as you remain cognizant of those factors. Do you want to ride at mach 1?? Might consider some upgrades first..... my two cents.

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    I don't think you should worry. 15 years ago people were biking the same stuff on much crappier bikes with worse brakes and worse forks. If you have Deore brakes, I can vouch for there durability and braking performance. They are underrated IMO. Maybe put cheap 203mm rotor on the front with caliper bracket so things don't get too hot.

    But, if it were me, i'd rent a DH rig for the day for this trip.

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