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    Will the Devinci Troy 27 NX Eagle fit my riding style?

    Hi guys,

    Recently have gotten into mountain biking and picked up a Giant Talon 2 hardtail to get into the sport. Iv'e really fallen for it and am already looking to the future at full suspension bikes.

    I'm a young guy that enjoys a large amount of handling and a playful riding style. I'm looking for a bike that can kind of "do it all" that compliments my riding style. Something that can deal with the roots and rocks of NC, take on some downhill, deal with some mild-medium jump lines, and generally just be a fun bike.

    In my research, a few bikes have popped up.

    Devinici Troy 27 NX
    Ibis Mojo
    Kona Process 134
    Trek Remedy 8

    I'm leaning toward the Devinci but wanted to get some input of what you guys thought of the bike. Unfortunately, there aren't any dealers in my state, so I would probably need to order this bike without actually trying it out. So far I've tried a Remedy 8 and really liked it but I', wondering if the Devinci might be an even better fit.

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    TBH, I don't think you'd go much wrong with any of those bikes but as a Troy owner I have to say that I came off an Intense Tracer 2 with a very high end build to a much more pedestrian alloy Troy GX (27.5) and I couldn't be happier with it. It does everything well but notably, it descends gnarly stuff better than its travel and geometry numbers would suggest. This is important to me as our terrain is very rocky and rooty with very little actual dirt. Lots of steep, techy ups and downs. The Troy handles it all like a champ but in particular, it feels very well sorted when pointed down some of our more ridiculous trails. If I was going to replace it, I would buy another Troy in an instant. The 29" version is reported to be even better and by far the most common bike I see on our trails is one version of the Troy or another.

    I'm a bit of a Troy evangelist it would seem. Anyway, it's a data point for you to consider in your search.

    This is a sample of our local terrain. I know this is on a Yeti but I ride all of these trails on my Troy and so do lots of other riders:

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