Trek Fuel EX 9.8 29" -or- Trek Remedy 9.8 27.5" -or- Stumpy FSR Expert Carbon 29"-
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    Trek Fuel EX 9.8 29" -or- Trek Remedy 9.8 27.5" -or- Stumpy FSR Expert Carbon 29"

    Hi all

    I'm facing a decision for one of the above bikes... the Trek Remedy 9.8 29" is out of the race due to a) non-availability in central Europe (sold out) and b) I'm not (yet) a big fan of 1x11.
    What are your considerations / feedback on above bikes... based on the reviews and the test I did I'm a big fan of the Trek Re:Aktiv... but on the other hand I lean towards a 29" due to my riding style (not too much downhill, fast trails with lots of smaller obstacles on the ground).

    Would you rather go with the Fuel EX (even though 120mm of suspension seems to be at the low end) or the Stumpy (but how does the "older" brain technology compare to the Re:Aktiv)? Or go 27.5" with the Remedy?

    thanks for your thoughts...

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    I ride a 27.5 Remedy 9.8 and love it. It's an amazing bike and for the riding I do on it, I wouldn't want anything else. However, what I'm doing on it is a lot rugged mountain trail riding and pushing hard on fast downhills. It's definitely not the bike I reach for when I'm riding areas that are flatter and/or I'm looking for a bike to reach the top of the mountain fast on.
    From what you described as the riding you do ("not too much downhill, fast trails with lots of smaller obstacles on the ground"), I'd say for you to go with the Fuel EX. The Re:Aktiv shock is amazing, and those 29 inch wheels will serve you much better and keep your momentum going once you get moving. I also ride a Superfly Full Sus bike and it rips. That's the bike I reach for when I'm going for getting from A to B quick. The Fuel EX is just a great "mountain bike" and can do just about anything you want it to. That 120mm of suspension is just right for hitting just about anything from smooth, flat trail to rocky, chunky trail.
    Hope that helps some!

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    +1. from your description it sounds like the fuel is the bike for you. it is pretty light (like 26.5 pounds for a 9.8 i think) and really fast. re:aktv is amazing and it feels much more capable than a 120mm bike should be. read the vital review on the 9.9 27.5; the same applies to the 29''.

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    Every review I read about the 27.5 vs 29er the 29er is always the one they end up choosing.
    2017 Surly Ogre

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    +2 on the Fuel EX 29er

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    I'd order an Evil Following frame and do a build for less than the cost of a 9.8. These two bikes are similar. Look at the reviews in the 2015 Bible of Bikes.

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    Not sure if the decision has been made already, but...

    When I was looking at the same decision (except with previous year models that were on closeout). I thought this was a decent roundup of bikes of the type I was looking for:
    Back Issue | Group Test: 7 Adventure Trailbikes Reviewed | ENDURO Mountainbike Magazine

    I demoed the Stumpy and did an extended parking lot/stairs/curbs/road climb test of the Fuel and ended up with the Fuel, in part from that review, and it was a little better deal at the time. The Stumpy does feel more "stable" but the Fuel climbs like a rocket. The brain is nice, but with current suspension designs pedal bob is minimal either way, and the CTD is sooo easy to switch if you want the rear locked out for a climb. IMO Trek has been a little smarter with their partnership with Fox, first the DCRV and now Re:Aktiv vs Specialized with AutoSag and the Brain. Autosag is handy for the intial first setup, but so is a weight to pressure chart, and then you fine tune. And the Brain was great when pedal bob was more of an issue, but now it can be argued it delays the initial impact compliance.

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