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Thread: Tire Widths

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    Tire Widths

    Hello, I have a 2011 Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Expert 29. I am running a 2.5 WTB tire in the rear and a S-works 2.2 up front. I am wondering how much bigger I can get the tires to be before it interferes with the frame. Stock fork and stock frame.

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    I'd say the answer to your question depends a lot on how wide your current tires actually measure and how much space is left between them and the frame. Otherwise, unless someone else happens to have exactly the same bike and rims as you, it's going to be tough to answer.

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    Another consideration is the internal width of your rims. Wider tires work better on wider rims. I believe those rims are 26mm outer width, which is pretty narrow by today's standards.
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    Be aware that the stated width on many tyres is a work of fiction. Maxxis for instance seem to always be narrower than stated.

    Also be aware that if you ride aggressively and the tyre hits the frame it can go down to the metal in one short ride.

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    I'm running just the opposite. 2.4 front/2.25 rear. Can't get anything bigger on the back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nathan_van View Post
    I am running a 2.5 WTB tire in the rear and a S-works 2.2 up front.
    *I would caution against running a wider tire in the rear, than you have up front. Tread patterns aside, your front end is going to lose traction before your rear, which is the opposite of what you want. I use 2.4F/2.3R

    Don't forget to leave some space for tire deformation upon hard compressions.

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    You should be able to fit a WTB 2.5 on the front. But performance is tied to inner rim width and tire pressure. If you have a 30-35mm inner rim you can run lower pressure because the wider rim supports the sidewall. It doesn't fold over when you lower the pressure. The sidewall wrinkles. You get a bigger footprint for more traction and more controlled slide-outs.

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