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    Cool-blue Rhythm Thoughts on these two bikes?

    Hello MTBR Forums,

    First post long time lurker. Love the wealth of information here. A little background- I live in Rifle, CO- we have access to trails in our valley (Roaring fork - Aspen, Snowmass, Carbondale, Glenwood Springs, New Castle, and Rifle). Further to the west are Palisade, Grand Junction, and Fruita. Even further- roughly 2.5 hrs maybe 3 is Moab.

    I'm shopping for a new bike. Most of my riding has been on a 2015 GT Sensor elite.

    The two bikes I'm in the process of demoing are the Chromag Rootdown BA GX Build and the Rocky Mountain Insitnct Alloy 50. Demoing the Rootdown this weekend and the Instinct next weekend.

    Chromag Bikes - Chromag Bikes | Bikes | Rootdown BA 29" / 27.5"
    Instinct | Rocky Mountain Bicycles

    Any thoughts or things I may be overlooking please chime in. Thank you in advance. Can only buy one bike for the next couple of seasons.


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    I have 2 bikes, a Pipedream Moxie which is similar to the Rootdown, and a Knolly Endorphin full suspension. I love the hardtail, but it is slower in the chunk, while on smoother trails it holds it's own against FS bikes. If you can live with a bit of pounding in your legs, and stand to pedal chunk, the Rootdown will be fun. The Instinct will be faster in the rough, more controllable, and easier on the body. Have fun demoing.
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    Both good bikes, really down to your preference regarding suspension. I personally prefer full suspension.

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    what dont you like about your GT ?

    im on a GT hardtail, love it. ive demoed most of the Santa Cruz bikes, and while FS bikes are nice, i love the efficiency and stupid reliability of hardtails, but i dont ride really rocky/rough stuff very much. i also like that hardtails make you ride well, FS let you get away with shit

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    Just bought a RM Alloy 70 two weeks ago--VERY sweet bike! Came from a '14 TREK Fuel EX9 which was also a great bike but I wanted to get a little more slacked and capable to push my riding a little further. I confess that both old and new bikes are probably far better than my riding will ever be so maybe the change is purely a fun/toy issue. I talked the shop into a great cash deal, I chose aluminum just cuz I'm a little paranoid about cracking carbon, didn't want to pay an extra grand, and (the shop agreed) that the spec on the A70 was the way to go v. a C50 that was ordered and built at the same time. Bonus...I don't chase lbs. or ounces but my XL WITH pedals (Shimano SPD's) AND WTB Pure V saddle came in at 30.01 lbs. We were all stunned. The Rocky Mountain is a great bike but as the collective wisdom of the MTBR choir shouts...ride as many as you can and go with what feels right!

    Good Luck

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