Probably someone already came up with this. BUT; wanted to make an "Official" stuff the SWAT box thread. The intent is to prank your riding mates by sneaking something into their SWAT box. (or any on bike storage, Di2 compartment?) Then at some point during or after the ride you show them what was hiding in their bike! Bonus points for pictures. Then post the fun!

I was discussing the weight difference between the Carbon and Alu Stumpy Evo's. And I wondered how many people would really notice that 1.5lbs unless it was tires/rims? Anyway, it occurred to me that a good test would be to hide that 1.5lbs in their carbon evo SWAT box and see if they noticed!

So I was thinking a redbull, no idea if it fits? Cupcakes are obviously a good choice! But probably more fun if it's heavy and you get somebody else to carry it up a huge climb!

NOTE, there is always talk about the SWAT box being for drugs. Please don't stash a dooby in your bro's bike, you might have a medical card, but his might just have expired when you accidentally crossed onto DOD property and get stopped! And please no alcohol/tobacco/etc. in bike being ridden by a minor. Live animals, toxic waste, um I guess whatever you can't put in a mail box...