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    Spectral 2020, or actual beast...

    Hallo all,
    I am realizing, after some years of motorcycle off-roading, that I want to come back on a full suspension mtb.
    I am pretty much convinced that in the sub 2500 euros the Canyon Spectral 6.0 is unbeatable, and here comes the question:
    Is it worth to wait for the 2020 model, or can i just pick the actual model and be happy? I mean, i spoke with them by chat, and they said that apart from color changes and components updates, no big "heavy" improvements will come. My fear is that the actual trend is to put always "less" in term of quality, with the same price point, that's why i would pick the actual Spectral. Am i right?
    More than that, any suggestions about the Infrared color? Is it as ugly as it looks like?

    Thanks all!

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    Looks like a nice build for the money. I doubt there will be many substantive differences on the 2020 models at that pricepoint. I'm not a fan of the "infraraw" color either, and would opt for the "stealth" color, but sometimes pictures don't do justice to the looks in person. I've used the Performance level DPX2 and rhythm fork as a demo fork and they are great components. The 3 pawl hub doesn't have great engagement, but I've used it as well and thought it was a good quality entry hub as well.

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    FWIW: I really like the raw/orange color scheme...kinda retro.
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    Thanks all for the tips.

    I am seeing now that the Spectral cf 7.0 it's on discount, for 2700 euro. Does it worth a 200 euros differences vs the Spectral al 6.0?

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    Just an fyi, I believe the spectral had a recall on faulty chainstay welds. Not sure what became of it nor do I know enough about it other to say it may be something you would want to look into or somebody here knows more about. Stateside one of the best value brands going right now is Fezzari but of course Canyon and YT are right in there
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    The chainstay recall was for the 2018 models. The 2019 models have stronger chainstays. Be aware that Canyon now made the Spectral their 27.5 (Mini-) Enduro as they released the Strive in 29 only. The rear tire is, for example, horrible to pedal because it's the soft version. Everything is now bulkier and the whole bike heavier.

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