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    Specialized Stumpjumper or Pivot Switchblde?

    Looking to rent one of these two options for riding in Arizona. Never spent much time on either, unfortunately.

    Both are similarly-spec'd aluminum models, frame size S. SJ is 27.5, Switchblade is 29. I'm not too hung up on the different wheel size, that's simply what's available to me. Climbing will be abundant.

    Curious to know people's thoughts between these two bikes / "What would you pick, why?". My expectation is that they should be extremely similar out on the trail, ....right?


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    I don't think they'll be very similar on the trail. The Switchblade is a mid-travel 29er that thinks it's a much bigger bike. The Stumpjumper is a mid-travel bike that knows exactly what it is. If you want something that lends you a little extra confidence in terrain that's right on the edge of where the bike was intended to be, the Pivot is probably it. If you want something that feels more like the mid-travel bike you're renting, get the SJ.

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    I ride a Switchblade in Phoenix and can tell you it crushes everything there including SoMo. As a rental I would always take a boutique bike like a Pivot over one from the big three just on principle.

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    I have owned my Stumpjumper carbon 6/fattie for about a yr now, no major complaints except for the fact that it does wander under uphill pedaling. for me. witched out the rear shock for a DVO Topaz T3(major upgrade) and a set of Santa Cruz Reserve 30 carbon 29er wheels. the wheels definitely helped with pedal strikes. This past week i attended the Pivot Demo and took out a few bikes, one of them being a Switchblade. I want a blade badly now. Felt alive pedaled well and was fun with no wandering on the uphill. But you should definitely demo them yourself, bikes are very subjective.

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    I've had my 2019 Stumpy ST Comp for a couple months now, and ride at least 5 days a week with most my rides averagin 10 miles. I live in Southeast Tennessee and my riding consists of equal amounts of climbing and decents that are littered with roots and rocks of all sizes and loose over hard trails. I've been very very pleased with it in every way possible. I do leave the shock in the "trail" mode which seems to stiffen it up a bit which helps on climbs and I like the trail feedback it gives me. I open it up if I have a fast rough section I'm about to blast. I have no other experience with any other FS bike so I can't give you a real comparison but I do know that I have never come off the trail thinking my bike is lacking anything.

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    Easy. Pivot. It's local.

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