• 08-09-2014
    Saddle sizing question, in between sizes
    Just wondering, I am looking at the specialized henge comp saddle and measured myself with cardboard and tinfoil on top of it, worked good. Got a pretty accurate measurement. About 125mm, which they say to add 25-30mm to giving me a size of 150mm which is still a little smaller then the 155mm size offered. I currently have a 155mm older specialized seat and it worked pretty good through the years with some chaffing here and there on longer rides. Is the rule of thumb to round up or down? Do I go with the 143mm or the 155mm saddle? Thanks for all responses.
  • 08-09-2014
    my Spesh dealer said narrower with padded shorts, wider with reg shorts

    he used one of these on me, see below. it measures your sit bones

    i got the Henge seat but havent used it with padded shorts yet (what i bought it for), but its a nice seat