I can either buy my local shops rocky mountain altitude A50 rental for 1,900, its the mid-range aluminum model. Or a new Jeffsy for 2.5k. I dont mind the price difference if it makes sense. I also have confidence in the rental bikes condition, they take care of things well there, plus I was just looking at it and it looked great.

Altitude has a fox 36, 160mm up front, 150mm in rear (fox DPS evol)
Jeffsy has a RS Pike 150mm up front, 150mm rear (RS delux RT)

in the beginning of my research i liked the altitude a lot but it was just too much, the jeffsy seemed like the perfect bike. Since learning of this discounted Altitude for sale its got me wondering but I know it wont last long.

I currently ride a 150mm front and back specialized pitch now, think modern day stumpy. I ride trails, hit the bike park once or twice a year.