Hi fellas
Currently riding a ‘16 Patrol aluminium and I m thinking about these one of these 2 options to replace it.
Love Transition bikes, and I demoed a nx alu sentinel a few months ago, and except for the weight on steep climbs, I loved the bike, On the other hand, wouldn’t mind to try something different, thing is I ve never tried an Ibis or dw link, but after reading some reviews I may except that it will climb very well, but I have no idea if it’s harsh or plush on dh, or playful on easier trails...
I m not interested in carbon, so i guess the weight will be similar on both...

The Sentinel is a used frame with dpx2 (mint condition) with new components, a fox 36, 471 with hope hubs, Xt drivetrain and my current magura brakes that I really like.

The Ripmo would be new, Dvo fork with air shock, the basic build with my brakes on it!

Both have 160 forks, similar rear travel and weight.

Anyone ridden both that could give me some feeback, specially the rear suspension, and how the Ibis behaves compared to the Sentinel? I ll be buying in a couple of weeks, so I still have plenty of time to decide!
Thank you for your time