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    New question here. Replacing Banshee Rune with all arounder

    Hi there

    For the last 3 years, I´ve been riding my Large 2015 Banshee Rune.

    27.5 2.3” tires
    160mm Pike RCT3
    Monarch Plus RC3
    X01 drivetrain
    ZTR Flow EX wheels

    It´s a great bike, but when I built it I was looking for kindda freeride bike that could pedal uphill also… I even raced some enduro.

    My rigind style changed a little and now I usually ride with my wife… so the trails are a bit less technical... more XC loops, more uphills…

    The Banshee climbing position is bad (I´ve put a 60mm stem to try to compensate)… long rides are not it´s strength…. I need something more versatile.

    I´d like to replace the frame with a more climbing friendly option, but I don´t want to lose the possibility of riding enduro style trails and bike park style tracks.

    I really like the SC Bronson proposal.

    I´m going to Miami in January and my budget is US$ 2000.
    What should I buy?

    • Brand new Santa Cruz Bronson Alumminum (lower end shock??)
    • Used 2016/2017 Santa Cruz Bronson C
    • Brand New Banshee Spitfire
    • Used Intense Tracer T275
    • Used Ibis Mojo HD3

    Any other suggestion?


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    I ride a Spitfire and it's very versatile. I've had it at Whistler and on long trail rides. It's not as heavy as the Rune and probably not as stable in very rough stuff compared to the Rune but for fast flowing trails it's a great frame. Mine is set up with a 36 and I have no regrets.

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    Canfield Balance if you ride a large. They went on close out and that's all they have left it seems.

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    Not sure how the Spitfire/Rune compare, but know that I can definitely feel a big difference between my Prime and Phantom. 29er guy myself, so depending on how much you want to feel the trail and have to work, for something to cover ground easier/faster, I'd recommend a 29er like the Phantom, has the right angles, just less travel.

    Another alternative you may not have considered if climbing is the only thing "bothering" you about the Rune, try a dual position fork, think most have a 30mm adjustment range, so 130/160, they do make quite a bit of difference in geometry when climbing when you drop it down. Add to that a separate set of lighter, more XC/Trail wheels and tyres to match and you could transform your Rune in 10 minutes to better suit the XC rides with your wife and stil not loose the brawlyness of the build you enjoy.
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    My Rune wasn't very good at climbing or all day rides. I tried to make it climb better, tried a Talas eventually it solved it own issue and cracked at the upper pivot/seat tube. I have a friend with a Spitfire I rode a few times and it didn't feel much different. A bit steeper headtube and a bit lighter but not much.

    I've moved on and both my 301 and my current Slash are better climbing and on long rides. Slash does everything the Rune did just better, a ton better. 301 ran circles around the Rune climbing and all day riding. I rode a friends Trance for awhile when I had the Rune and set PR's on both climbs and descents that I couldn't break on the Rune. I really liked my Rune but at the end of the day it was mostly a park bike.
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