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    Raleigh m600 Fork Help


    I've had this Raleigh m600 for a very long time.
    Bought it new in 2002.
    It's served me well over the years but the Manitou Spyder R fork is SHOT and needs to be replaced. 17 years old !!! GEEZ... Ya Think!!!

    Looking for suggestions on a straight up replacement for around $100.


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    you'd probably be better off getting this moved to 26er, shocks/suspension, or vintage.

    I've got a similar Raleigh as my trainer/shed bike. There are some older shocks still available, plus going rigid is an option. I recently replaced my totally wore-out manitou SX-E. I think you can find something that will work for cheap, but it will take a little digging around. I seem to remember there's a guy who specializes in rebuilding and selling the older shocks, if you dig around in the forums mentioned above you should be able to find him.
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    Thanks Jim,

    I moved it into the 26er per your suggestion...


    I was looking through the selection of 26" forks at thebikeshopstore.com and there were a few in the price range I mentioned. I'm not sure I could get mine rebuilt for less.

    I will look for the fella you mentioned who does rebuilds in any case.


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