URGENT HELP NEEDED: 2017 Specialized Rockhopper Pro or 2018 RH Pro???
There is a 4th of July tax free sale at my LBS.

They have a 2017 RH Pro (MSRP $1400) on close out for appx $1,120.

The new 2018 RH Pro's are selling for $1,035. Tax free on this one as well. The Specialized wholesaler site was down today for matience, so it was hard for us to compare the specs.

I just know the 2018 Expert is essentially the 2017 Comp, so I assume each model is downgraded a tad. I don't know enough about the derailer, air fork, etc based on brand to be able to distinguish the difference since I'm a novice.

I tried getting them to drop the 17 price down to the 18 price but they wouldn't budge.

I'm curious if anyone has the specs and knows enough about them to give me a recommendation on what I should do.

I heard the 2018 tires are slightly wider, and know the air fork is different (heard it's comparable but the 17 is preferred) and heard the derailer is better on the 17 as well. Brakes and tires from what I'm told are the same. Most likely a lighter frame on the new one as well.

One thing I do prefer on the 2018 is the stand over has a bit more clearance on it, and prefer the color but that doesn't matter too much. Since the MSRP is so much lower than the 2017 Pro I'm assuming there was some downgrades, however I'm not sure. I'm thinking it would make sense to save the $100 and go for the 2018 if they won't budge on dropping the close out price on the 17 unless there is a solid difference that would make it worth it.

Any help is much appreciated.. Thanks so much!

Here is some specs I was able to find from Incycle below for the 2018 PRO:

If you're ready to take your trail riding to the next level, let us introduce you to your new friend, the Rockhopper Pro. We built it to be light, durable, and exceedingly capable, but how we did it is far more interesting.
It starts with our new A1 SL alloy frame that has optimized tube shapes which save weight while dramatically improving aesthetics. To go along with these clean new lines, the new Rockhopper also has internal cable routing to further clean up the frame. Lastly, our Sport XC 29 geometry adjusts the reach, angles, and standover height to make for an improved fit across the size range. This is sure to keep you ripping and confident while heading both up and down the trail.
This Rockhopper comes spec'd with a mix of renowned Shimano SLX and Deore components, powerful Shimano hydraulic disc brakes that'll stop on a dime, and grippy Ground Control tires that deliver superior control over almost any kind of terrain.

The frame is constructed from lightweight A1 Aluminum in order to provide a compliant, durable platform to support our acclaimed XC Sport 29 Geometry. Combined, you get a bike that's more than efficient on climbs and descends with equal aplomb.
A Manitou Markhor 29 fork offers 80/90/100mm (size-specific) of plush, trail taming travel and stiff 30mm stanchions.
It's hard to beat the blend of durability, reliability, and performance that the Shimano SLX rear derailleur provides. It's designed to take a hit, and more importantly, its shifting is crisp, precise, and always on the money.