Hey Team,

Just keen to hear peoples thoughts/opinions.

I currently run a 16 Process 153 thats standard except for a luftkappe in it and a damper tune. Shock is a CC DB IL Air Gen 2. Otherwise, its as it is the day it rolled out.

This bike is my first full suspension bike (had since dec 16), so I had nothing else to compare it too. I love the bike (mostly) - does what I need it too, but i feel in some circumstances, I'm more of a passenger sometimes than taking ownership of it - if you know what i mean. I use the bike in local enduro events which mainly consist of roots n rocks and good steep stuff. Im never going to be on the podium, im just there making the numbers up and enjoying myself - plus the inhouse competition between the boys.

I'm at the stage now where the csu is creaking far too much for my liking, so I either replace it at a great cost or buy a new fork at a great cost. Or I sell the bike and buy a new one. I don't really want to go to a 29er, for no reason other than, i'm happy with the 650b.

The new bike I was looking at was a Giant Reign SX 1 - 160 out back 180 out front. Now, comparing the geo between the bikes, there (in my uneducated eyes)doesnt seem to be a huge amount different except the giant is longer by 2" - which would be great on decents, and it's slacker by 2.5 degrees (64 vs 66.5), and finally, the seat angle is slacker by 2 degrees at 72.

Looking t the above numbers - obviously the reign isn't going to be a weapon climber, but neither has the process been (so people say) but I've never found the process an issue, that aside - Do you guys think its worth buying a new bike, or is there not that much difference between the 2 to warrant buying a new bike, just go buy a new fork? Biggest advantage I see going new, is having a better suspension input - the process is so linear its not funny. hahaha

last but not least - The bike(s) wont be my 1 and only as my normal everyday riding bike is my 16 Honzo ST untill tracks get gnarly.

Let rip with your thoughts guys n girls, appreciate any input.