• 05-05-2006
    Flyte Bicycles
    New Flyte Yankee Zulu All Mountain bike
    Hello all

    I just wanted to let you all know of our new all mountain bike that we just launched yesterday. It is the Yankee Zulu made out of 6061 AL and has 6 inches of rear suspension.

    The Yankee Zulu is priced with LX components at $1799. Check it out below!!!


    If is 100% available to order with delivery in the next 30 days.

    Thanks for looking

    The Flyte Team
  • 05-11-2006
    Looks awfully sweet, anyone else in here got an opinion on this beauty?
  • 05-11-2006
    Nice work!
    Simplicity is the way to go in my mind.
    Nice lines, high single pivot, looks like 1.5 headtube.
    Well done and excellent price!!!

    Sure would love to take 'er for a spin :)

  • 05-23-2006
    Flyte Bicycles
    Anyone that wants to see one locally can go to there local shop and ask if they can bring one in.

    We are willing to sell to shops so that the consumer can get touchy feely with our bikes. :thumbsup:

    Just have them give us a call!!!
  • 05-23-2006
    reminds me of a SC Heckler...
  • 05-24-2006
    Looks like a mix of the old single pivot Marin and newer Marin's to me,
    not a bad thing though.
  • 05-25-2006
    It's growing on me. However, I really loved the look of Airborne's Marauder. Would have loved seeing that one make it to market.
  • 05-25-2006
    Looks good, I would actually seriously consider it except for one thing. Why on earth would you make the TT difference between a small and a medium almost 2 inches? thats 2 sizes different in most bikes, and typically thats like a small to large. I really like the look of it, but I am 5'11'' (about average) and I like about a 22.8-23 in TT. ( I realize actual TT is 1.5'' difference, but ETT is what matters to me) This could work with a stumpy stem, maybe 25mm...but still...

    All in all, nice bike if it fits, but that is some serious XC TT length for me. I will keep it in mind though. I am sure you have a good reason for it, and like I said, that is a good looking bike.

  • 09-24-2008

    That's mine...
  • 09-24-2008
    wow thats pretty cool its like a jacked up heckler on steroids. love it nice job :thumbsup: