Hi everyone, I'm looking to buy an enduro bike to suit my needs and wants as I just moved to a place with steeper and more technical trails. I already have quite a bit of experience on XC bikes and FR and DH bikes so I want to try something more allround(I'm set for 150-160mm travel front and rear). As money is a bit short for a new shiny bike, I'm looking for something used in good shape, and not too old.
After days of searching through the ads, I'm left with 3 contenders:
2016 Cube Stereo hpa 160 race 27.5
2016 Commencal Meta AM V4 27.5
2014 Specialized Enduro 29
The stereo and the spesh cost 1500$ and the meta is 500$ more.
The stereo comes with fox 34 and fox DPS suspension and a full xt m8000 groupset.
The meta also has a m8000 groupset but comes with a BOS Deville fork and RS monarch plus RCT3 shock.
The spesh comes with a 1x10 sram GX drivetrain and new xt brakes. It has a pike RC and a monarch plus RCT3, but comes without a dropper post.
The stereo is the only one with a boost rear hub and pressfit bb so it seems to be the most futureproof but the meta seems to be much better equipped in terms of suspension. The specialized looks like a middle ground between them but with a couple of fatal flaws(1x10, no dropper, narrow bars...)
Is it worth the extra 500$ to get the best equipment?
Should I go with the most modern standards and spend the rest on upgrades?
Could the spesh's allroundness make up for the money needed to upgrade?
Tnx to everyone in advance