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    MTB handlebar bags?

    Just curious as to what sorts of handlebar bags folks are using. I'm riding a Marin Mt. Vision 2016, and want to get a handlebar bag so I can take quick park jaunts without having to sling a backpack or waist pack in order to carry spare tube, pump and tools. I was thinking of the Shimano Pro Discover Gravel Handlebar Bag, but ... I'd like to know what other options are out there that are working for people.

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    Another member, Netwurker, pointed me in the direction of this:

    when I spotted it on his bike and asked about it. I'm looking for a way to mount my phone on gravel and road rides to use ridewithgps and I don't really like my big phone on the handlebar or stem. But I'm not sure if this is big enough to hold a pump. I usually carry my Camelbak on gravel rides, though.
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    I think you'll get more responses if you post in this forum:

    Not many all mountain riders are going to be using handlebar bags.
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    Like chazpat says, not may trail bikes will have a bar bag. At least not on the type of trails they're typically ridden on. And you mention quick rides at "parks"... like bike parks? Again, not where bar bags are common, for good reasons.

    Are you fixed on a bar bag to address your goal? If not, read on...

    I use a Ortlieb Micro Two saddle bag. It works perfectly with dropper posts since it toes not attacth to the post in any way. And despite having four CO2 cartidges, CO2 inflator, Crank Brothers multi tool, two tire levers, and a rag to keep things from rattling, it fits completely under the saddle. With all this loaded, I only use about two thirds of the bags capacity. For longer rides, I do stuff a thin walled spare tube in it. The bag has a a quick detach, if needed for security. Ortlieb makes a larger version, the Saddle-Bag Two. It's overkill in size, in my opinion. In addition to CO2, again for longer rides, I do carry a pump on the frame. A simple Spin Doctor RXE Mini Pump, which mounts under the bottle cage. To be honest, I forget its on the bike, so it's usually there for all rides.

    Another consideration... do you use a water bottle? If not, a water bottle is great for storing stuff on a ride (obviously if you're not using it for water). I used to do this, but I do actually use my water bottle for water from time to time.

    Anyway... some options.
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    I use the Rapha one for carrying small stuff like food, pump, and tools. I move it across all the bikes regardless of what they are used for. If I need to carry something, Iím using the bar bag. That includes hitting jumps on the trail bikes.

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