So I'm making a lot of changes to the riding position I've grown familiar with. Im hoping I'll like it. Sometime today I will be getting a Sette' Reken frame in the mail, which has smaller wheelbase, slacker head tube and seat tube angles, and more upright riding position than my old Trek 6000. I'm going to be running my TALAS fork at 110 or 120mm rather than 90 or 100. In two days I'll be getting my block style 60mm stem and 27 inch Easton handlebars, coming from 23 inch flatbars with bar ends on my Trek. My goal is better high speed control ie: switchbacks and corners where I'm leaned way over....better confidence for small hits or doubles without TOO much sacrificing my ability to climb since I am running a SS drivetrain. I'm crossing my fingers I could practically be a spokesperson for right now. I've managed to get a GREAT deal on everything I've needed.