Long and light pants

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  • 07-01-2013
    Long and light pants
    Do you guys have any recommendation for long riding pants that are light? A lot of the long bike pants I looked at are either heavy downhill bombing pants or cold weather/rain pants.

    I want something that is light, ventilated, can take knee pads, easy to pedal with and does not catch on the chain. Its usually hot here.

    I saw a few guys locally riding with jeans. DJ riders use them too. Are there any jeans cuts that are easy to pedal? My current jeans are not great for pedaling and most of them are a tight fit for bulky pads like fox launch.

    Are running pants any good?
  • 07-06-2013

    Originally Posted by CrozCountry View Post
    Are running pants any good?

    I actually started the spring out in some running pants with a tapered leg/cuff. I hated them for running but they were perfect for biking. Light and a pseudo mesh material so they were perfect.
  • 07-11-2013
    wear some running tights, under your riding shorts
  • 07-12-2013
    Kuhl makes some pants that would be good gor riding, and you can also check out just about any warm weather rock climbing pants.
  • 07-13-2013
    if its hot why not just shorts?