I bought a 20” Trailcraft Blue Sky for my 6 yr old daughter and her little brother can ride it but doesn’t reach the ground. His inseam is only 17.75 inches and the minimum inseam for the Blue Sky is 21. My only option is to go with a 16” bike and the only ones with front suspension, gears, and disc breaks (which are a must for us) are the Lil Shredder Icon or a Flow Carbon option. Both are 19 lbs, same price. My problem is that there is no info on the Lil Shredder website and I couldn’t find any reviews. Flow has a little more info on their website but not nearly as much as the Trailcraft and I couldn’t find any reviews either. Can anyone recommend which is better between those two? My little guy is only 35 lbs and we use the bike for trail riding. I know he can handle the 19 lbs because his sister’s bike weighs that much and he rides it better than her but we have to put him on it and catch him at the end and we can only do easy trails, so we need the 16 inch. Thanks for your input.