• 10-30-2013
    Iron Horse Maverick 5.5-- Need new hub... maybe more
    Hey Guys,

    This is my first time posting so go easy! ha

    I found an Iron Horse Maverick 5.5 (craigslist special) that the guy is willing to give me for $35!! He said he is moving and I talked him down a good amount! He said it needs a new rear hub... possibly just a new rear wheel, and the disc brakes squeak some but work fine. I figure for $35... I can't really pass it up! My question is... what is your suggestion for the rear wheel? I think It may be best to just completely replace it... maybe upgrade the wheelset as a whole. Any and all suggestions will be appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  • 10-30-2013
    You can get new wheelsets for cheap (~$100) on Jenson. They are cheap wheels that will get you going. Of course you can pay more, it's up to you, depends how much you want to pay