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    If You Need Your 36 Serviced/Repaired...

    Sent my Talas 36 RC2 fork into Fox a few months ago to get new lowers on warranty due to the cracked bolt problem the 36's are known for. At the time my Talas travel adjust seemed like it was malfunctioning and I had the travel creep problem as well.
    When I got it back from Fox they had replaced the lowers but the travel adjust problem still seemed to be there and the creep returned within a month.
    Fox knew the travel adjust was broken but did not fix it under warranty!
    I was not happy but it was then out of warranty.

    So I recently sent it into Dirtlabs, a newer fork repair/service company. PUSH does not
    service 36's so it was either Dirtlabs or back to Fox.

    The owner and tech, Luby, called me about the fork once he received it and said the Talas
    travel adjust system was shot. He gave me options of replacing it or just leaving it in. I opted to not have it replaced since I have not used the travel adjust much anyways.
    I am also a small guy who only weighs 145 with pack and I complained to him that I never
    have used the last 1/4th of the fork due to it being too progressive.
    He told me he would remove some oil from the damper to make it less progressive and more linear for me as well. He had spent a week at the Fox factory working with the techs and knew his stuff.

    Well I got it back and tested it this last weekend at Syncline, near Hood River OR.
    These trails are technical and fast and there is one called Lil Moab that is especially nasty with numerous drops and rock gardens, it is a DH trail.
    The fork ate it up and it felt like Buddar! It is sooo damn smooth! It has never felt this good before not even right after I bought the bike. And it feels more linear and less progressive in the last 1/3rd of the forks' travel. I am extremely happy with it's performance now.

    If you need your 36 serviced or repaired, definitely consider Dirtlabs. Their service and return time were excellent and Luby is a great guy!
    The link if interested.


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    Sounds like a good alternative to Fox or even other Manufactures.

    I know I called Marzocchi for service cost and the cost was $50. more than dirtlabs. That alone would almost pay for the seals and bushings if needed.

    I would like to here if anyone has had their Marz serviced there?

    Is there any warranty with their service?

    Good report.
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    My dealings with Fox has been fast and pleasant. They didn't even ask any questions when I broke the rebound knob off my DHX Air

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    Fox just fixed my Talas travel loss problem, but I was out of warranty... Ill have to look them up if I need future work

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    Hey guys,

    Thought I'd chime in and tell you about Suspension Experts I sent them a 36 and they servicd it and also changed the standard 10 wt. damper oil to 7 wt. which made a significant differance in performance. They are located in Asheville NC there # is 828 255 0205. Talk to Kevin or Phil great guys .


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    Do these guys cover your fork or shock with thier decals, don't like that about Push. I'm sure if you asked they wouldn't do it though.
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    No, there are no decals. Just quality service.

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