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    Ibis Mojo Stolen - Replacement?

    A few years back I was an avid user on here, learning as much about bikes and spec as I could before building my dream bike in 2009 - An orange Mojo with ti bolt kit, blue linkages and a Lopes link followed soon after. For the last 5 years the bike was perfect hence why I haven't needed to be on here since!

    However Yesterday my pride and joy was stolen from my garage and I am absolutely gutted. Luckily the bike was insured and so I am in the position of having to pick a replacement. Obviously times have changed and technology has moved on quite a bit - 650b and 29" are the norm now - I haven't ridden either!

    So what do I do? A new Mojo in a different wheel size or is there another better alternative? I ride trail centres in the UK, I'm quite fast uphill and maybe not as ballsy as I used to be on the downs. Ideally sub 28lbs.

    I have come across the Santa Cruz Bronson, Transition Covert Carbon, Lapierre Zesty as well as the Canyon Strive and YT Industries Capra.

    Any guidance would be very much appreciated!
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    Sorry bout your loss, always sucks to get a bike stolen...

    Regardless of what you get next, you obviously have money to get another bike, so there is no excuse as to not GPS your bike once you have it, maybe the LBS offers bike chipping. Generally will run a customer about $130 to chip a bike.

    I'd like to point out to everyone, we are helping bike thieves by not chipping our bikes. If we can make a social movement that gets riders to chip their bikes, we will be catching bike thieves and getting people their belongings back. Once people(thieves) understand that the majority of bikes are chipped(even road and BMX) bike theft will shoot down rather quickly as property theft carries heavy fines and jail time.

    For decades, we riders have been making our expensive bikes easy to take, and we riders are the main reason for there being a bike black market. Now, we have the tech to really slow down that market and decrease bike theft. Though, in order to do so, we have to seed the idea that chipping your bike is as much an important feature as your tires, or shifters, or the $3400 that was spent buying the bike.

    So what is $130 more to the price of your bike?
    A: Piece of mind and community support. Yes, chipping your bike is absolutely a benefit to your entire community, as the bike thieves are also out steeling property from others. So when they get caught with a chipped bike, chances are, the police will find that bike siting on a pile of other peoples stolen property.
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    I always lock my bikes in the garage with big heavy chain bike locks like the Kryptonite New York lock. You need to make it extra tough for a thief to get them out of the house. Once inside a garage they can close the door and have their way with them.

    I haven't heard of bike GPS chipping before, that's an interesting concept. Do you have to plug it in or change the battery often? Please send a link to this product.


    As for new bikes, it's hard to go wrong with the current era of all mountain/trail/enduro class rigs. A few different linkage designs and updated shock technology have really brought the all day longer travel bikes into reality.

    If you liked the Ibis, their are plenty of other DW Link bikes to take a look at. Pivot Mach 6, Turner Burner, Ibis Mojo HD are a few using the DW link.

    As you mentioned the Bronson, also take a look at the Intense Tracer 275 and T275c which use VPP. I personally own a Tracer 275 alloy frame with carbon wheels and it's VERY good. Hope you get back up and running soon.

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    YT Capra seems to be having tons of problems with cracked or broken frames. I was wondering about the new Canyon Strive as well but will wait until they have been out for awhile. I wanted the Capra but told myself to wait, good thing I did. Canyon seems more reliable but who knows now that they've gone carbon.

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    First decide what you want in terms of purpose. 140 mm travel or 165mm? Your mojo is a trail bike. Do you want something that climbs just as well or is better on the technical descents ? The Capra is a slack, long legged enduro racer. Do you want carbon or aluminium? If I were you I'd wait until the new ibis 27.5 bike is released. Or look at the yeti SB5c. But you're not sharing much info as to what you really want.

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    get the Mojo 650b

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    Quote Originally Posted by SRALPH View Post
    I haven't heard of bike GPS chipping before, that's an interesting concept. Do you have to plug it in or change the battery often? Please send a link to this product.



    If I can find more, I'll update!
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    Yeti? maybe? idk how much your bank account will allow for, but yeti's climb, and they descend, they may not be as light as you like though.

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