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    How did you discover this sport

    For me another sport made me discover mountain biking. I was fairly new to kayaking and found a class 2 rapid to start off at. I realized I went too far downstream and there was no way I was going to kayak back to my car in this current so I ended up hiking back to my car through the forests left my kayak behind to get it later. On the way back I found a trail which looked well suited for bicycle rides, I didn't know something like that existed here honestly. I thought mountain bikes were specific for mountains only, and that the only type of trails we had were fire roads.

    Later on, I tried it out and got hooked. Haven't touched my kayak since.

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    for me, it started in 1977 when I rode my BMX bike into the woods looking for dirt jumps, and just generally getting bored with riding on friends and I spent most of the following summers blazing and making dirt trails and jumps with our BMX bikes...

    I did not move to an actual mountain bike until the 90's, but was still hooked.

    today, getting back into both BMX and MTB has been my mid-life crisis...and it has been awesome! I am also getting into the bike-packing thing, combining my love of camping, and biking
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    As recovery from a tibia plateau fracture. I couldn't get back into running for a few years and wanted something that would get me in the dirt and have less impact as the doc prescribed.

    I used to skate and snowboard so this seemed like a natural progression.

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    Bmx through the 80s... freestyle/street riding. Then i moved/worked at the grand canyon, fastly discovered litttle wheels didnt work so well in the unimproved woods . Hooked evervsince,
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    i grew up racing BMX. liked the idea of having gears. never looked back

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    Where I live is hilly & where I holiday is hilly...

    Plus, I frikin h8 Golf!

    Natural progression, really ;-P

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    I outgrew my BMX bike as a kid and a mountain bike was the obvious next move.
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    Through a conversation with some friends.."We should take our mountain bikes out"

    I was interested right away, having backpacked in the past, and loving nature.

    Off I went to the internet, found this forum, got me $300.00 BD bike....the rest is history.

    5 bikes later, I ride twice as much as my friends, and it has changed my life for the better.
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    I was a dyed-in-the-wool roadie throughout the ‘70s, subscribed to and read every page of Bicycling Magazine. Mountain biking was practically unheard of at that time but every few months the mag would run an article about “clunkers” or “ballooners” (the term “mountain bike” wasn’t even invented yet*.) I hated those articles because I didn’t consider anything but a dropped-bar, skinny tire bike real cycling.

    Then in ‘84 the mag began another despised article about “clunkers” with these words: “If you haven’t ridden a modern fat tire bike, you don’t know what you’re missing.” So what the hell, I went down to the bike shop and tried one. I don’t think rode my road bike 100 miles that year. Every spare moment was spent aboard my new mountain bike which was way more fun to ride than my old pavement pounder.

    In nature. Without traffic. New skills to learn, like picking lines and charging steep uphills or negotiating scary downs. Now this was REAL fun!

    That’s mountain biking — real fun.

    *For any that may not be aware, the term “Mountain Bikes” started out as a trademarked name of a company started by Gary Fisher and Tom Ritchey back in the early days. Eventually the name became generic, kinda like Scotch tape or Kleenex. But it took a few years before the mountain bike became the mountain bike.

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    Ok. I’ll bite. But first. This sounds like a perfect subject for Passion forum

    I was renting a room from a buddy after a divorce Never had a roommate till my 30s

    He had just bought a new Giant NSR and had his old Pro flex as an extra bike. Let me use it and took me out in the canyons in Ventura county. I don’t think I lasted more then 1/2 mile up hill before I was smoked. But I was hooked

    Soon after I we took a trip down to Super-Go. (Now Performance Bike. It was much better as Super-Go). I bought a Helmet, gloves, jersey, chamois and camelbak. Rode all other Ventura county

    We had a whole bunch of guys on my department back then that rode. I soon started doing annual trips with them to Moab

    My first bike was a Gaint VT1. Later came Giant TCR road bike. VT1 became a frame swap to Gaint Reign. Got remarried. Wifey got into it. Soon we had his and hers Reigns and TCRs. All from Wheel World in the valley

    Got on the Niner band wagon a few years ago.

    Still have the VT1. Threw out the old Pro flex. I regret it.

    Live in Phoenix now. My 16 year old now shreds with me on a new Giant Trance 2 That kidis spoiled. In two years he had already rode. Moab. Sedona, Flagstaff , St George and we are going to Grand Junction this month

    Got my 8 yo daughter a 20” Norco for Christmas. She shreds and does jumps full speed in our culdesac

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    ^^Man my first ride? I think I threw up 3x. I had already given up soccer, so I was a mess.

    My friend still has his Proflex, but its just stored in the garage.
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    In the '70s I rode a Sears 3 speed through the woods on Maine trails in my back yard all the time. I would not think twice about riding 3-4 miles back and forth to a buddy's was just the way we got around. Looking back...THAT was mountain biking before it was even 'a thing'. Over the years, my knee's took a beating from playing hoops and eventually I committed to it 100%.
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    Is this a sport?

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    Was bored of playing with cars and trucks and motorcycles started looking at bikes and thought I would give it a shot. Quickly became addicted and have enjoyed every minute of it, my wallet on the other hand has become considerably lighter during the process.

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