• 10-12-2015
    Help me decide. Nukeproof Mega TR 275 or Santa Cruz Heckler?
    I'm trying to decide which frame to get to build between the 2014 Nukeproof mega TR 275 and the 2015 Santa Cruz Heckler 27.5. I have an XFusion Sweep RL2 160mm I'm gonna put on it and ride mainly all mountain.

    Most of the trails where I live are tight, twisty single track in NW Arkansas and the Ozarks. Some of the trails do allow for speed and the terrain is fairly Rocky. I'm not usually hitting drops bigger than 5 foot on a consistent basis and never over 8 foot.

    From what I gather both of the above frames are single pivot with the Heckler being true single pivot and the TR 275 being a link driven single pivot. I don't mind climbing with a bit heavier bike (not crazy heavy) to get to the top so I can have fun on the way down and enjoy having fun on the trails popping off stuff and taking alternate lines.

    My favorite style of riding is mainly really fast flow and challenging technical.

    So with all that said which do you guys think? Anyone have experience with either?

    Oh and I'm 5'10 205 lbs. with muscular build if that matters.

    Edit: Oh and just fyi the Nukeproof is 130mm travel rear and Heckler 150mm rear. Either frame is supposed to be good with a 160mm fork.

  • 10-12-2015
    My wife and I often ride in NW arkansas at slaughter pen and blowing springs, and we have done some riding at Lake leatherwood. My wife rides a 2014 Santa Cruz Heckler and she loves it, it handles everything she can throw at it, she is still building confidence so she isn't ding any massive drops or anything. She also raced it in the Singletrack Mind enduro at two rivers bike park. It is a good budget bike that can handle alot, and is simple to maintain, there is one pivot and one set of bearings to worry about. I ride a 2014 bronson and it is a great bike also, i have a 160mm fox 34 on the front and it can handle everything in the area. My recommendation is get out and ride the bikes if you can as that will give you the best idea if you like them or not.
  • 10-12-2015
    Awesome thanks for the reply.

    I ride Blowing Springs more than anywhere since its 10 minutes from my house and love it. I really like Eureka and Leatherwood too but Mt. Kessler in Fayetteville is my fav trail in the area.

    I'm currently on a Breezer Repack with 160mm front and rear and love it but it's a bit heavy and the press fit BB is driving me nutts with the creaks. I ran across both the Santa Cruz Heckler frame and Nukeproof TR 275 frames on sale and they looked pretty good and both have threaded BB's.

    Anyway not sure yet but was toying around with the idea of doing a frame swap of my componets from the breezer minus the bottom bracket, headset, and rear shock.

    Figured I could give it a shot and worse case if it doesn't work out I'll just swap back the components and sell the frame.

    I also like the idea of the slacker HT angles carried by the Heckler and TR275 as opposed to the breezer since I'm beginning to ride more aggressively and push my limits.
  • 10-12-2015
    You may not save much weight with the heckler, my wifes bike weighs in around 30 - 31lbs i believe. Not sure how that compares to the Breezer Repack. But yeah if you are riding more aggressivly than i think the heckler is more ideal with the slacker geo and the longer travel.
  • 10-12-2015
    It'd save me a little but not a ton.

    Right now the Breezer is right around 32-33lbs.

    It's an awesome bike so I'm not 100% sure I wanna swap it out but am seriously giving it some consideration.

    I like the simplicity of the Heckler too though since I do a lot of my own bike work and simple saves me a headache.

    How is her Heckler climbing and under braking? I've read of brake jack being an issue with single pivot but also read it's a non issue now with the latest advancements.
  • 10-13-2015
    I previously owned a bike from a smaller company (Morewood). The bike was great until I needed a new rear derailleur hanger. Then I was unable to get support from the company and found one dealer in the states who wasn't helpful either. I was lucky that a third party made replacement hangers. But had they not, I would have been SOL and had a frame paperweight.

    In my opinion you need to also look at how easy it will be to get support/spare parts for your bike. You know that by buying a Santa Cruz you will have dealer support for warranty issues, and for bearings, hangers, etc. With Nukeproof I think getting dealer support will be challenging as well as getting small parts. Those are just assumptions though and I could be off.