So the guy at RockShox told me the first number after the first letter T on my Fork should tell me the year it was manufactured.
But on another thread I read the manufacture date is one prev
Year previous to the model year date. It is on a 2014 trek with the number 3 after t.
I want to upgrade the damper and make some mods to the fork but the rebound on 2013 change in 2014 they added a different rebound and the dampers work together so I'm kind of at a loss here. I think in 2014 they came out with the Dig valve. Not sure if my 2014 Trek Remedy 7 Revelation RL has that or not and which damper to buy the RCT3 A3 or A2.
If there's anyone that can confirm this and maybe the guy RockShox just forgot to mention it?