Help decide Kona process 153 or 134-
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    New question here. Help decide Kona process 153 or 134

    Iíve narrowed it down through all my prior posts and this is the bike Iím going to get the Kona process now I need to figure out if I really need a 153 or if the 134 which is 140 mm is enough for what I need I do not want to have overkill and unnecessary weight. Iím looking to get the bike in a 29Ē this will be my first one coming up from 27.5 hoping thatís the right decision.
    I will be 90% trail riding pretty hard and I will take it to the park maybe a couple times a year riding greens and blues no crazy drops but when I am on the trails riding I want to be able to climb And resend Without a problem and I donít want to make an overkill or an under kill so this is what it comes down to the 153 or 134.
    I will be riding in New Jersey in the north east lots of rocks pretty decent steep down hills and I will be taking it to Mountain Creek which I donít even think itís going to be open this year with all this other shit going on but need to help decide thank you guys.

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    Sounds like the 134 will be plenty of bike for what you describe. I really like the updates to the frame vs the 153 which is 3(?) years old now. Plus the 134 has better tire clearance, slightly more modern geo, better pedaling platform, etc.

    The 134 is still very much a Process, not an XC bike. It can handle big hits and rough stuff.

    Edit: I should ad that I'm also bias.

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    I like the old adage...

    I'd rather have the the travel and not need it, than need it and not have it.

    From reviews online (Carbon 153 29er), the hoola-hoop'd version is plenty poppy and playful.

    Looks like it pedals up hill ok as well & rips at the park to boot.

    I'm thinking of getting a 2020 frame and building it up w/ 170mm Fox Factory 36 & parts from my current long travel 29er.

    PS - I use to own an original 134 Process (non DL).

    It is the poppiest/nimblest bike I've owned to date (on downs).

    Unfortunately, on the climbs it was a bit of a pig.

    My new (to me) 2018 Giant Reign Advanced 0, shares a lot of the similarities w/ my old Kona.

    With the bonus of having 160mm legs & it climbs a heck of a lot better.

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    I've seen videos of Mt. Creek. I'd go for the 153 for that much chunk. It should work quite well on your regular trails too.

    One of my friends has one and he loves that bike.
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    I own a 2018 Process 153 29er AL.

    The bike I had before that was an old XC hardtail with 26in wheels, 3x10 drivetrain and a 100mm fork.

    Honestly I feel the process pedals just fine, even compared to the XC hardtail. The most climbing Iíve ever done in a day with it has been just under 2k ft of climbing (my riding friends are all in horrible shape, and are seemingly allergic to climbing).

    The geo for both bikes is super similar actually. The biggest difference is my mind is actually the chainstay length on the 134. For whatever reason, 134 is actually 7mm longer than the 153.

    IMO, the 153 feels like a long travel trail bike, rather than an enduro race bike/park bike. Itís got a pretty short wheelbase for its reach (steeper than avg 66 degree hta, super short 425mm chainstays). Itís got a pretty strong poppy/jibby feel to it, but in corners and at speed the short chainstays arenít very confidence inspiring, at least in the larger sizes.

    Iíd think both would be fine for what you need. The 153 will be a bit more comfortable to ride when the going gets tough, but otherwise will feel pretty similar Iíd wager (never ridden a 134 though, so take that with a grain of salt).

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    So seems like Iím going with the new 134. in 27.5
    Hopefully it will cover all the bases.

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    Well I rode a 150mm bike today and it was great. I think I would be better off the the longer Travel then nit having it.
    The bike I rode was the stumpjumper
    So maybe I should be leaning to the 153.
    I just want to be able to ride it as a all around trial bike and take to the park a few times and be good

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    Even if you only plan on doing green and blues at the bike park don't be surprised as you get more practice and more confident you start looking to try harder trails, bike parks are great for progression. The 153 also has a bigger front rotor, more suited to park. I would pick the 153 over the 134, but I'm probably biased too. Both great bikes.

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