Gravity Dropper Turbo vs. Classic-
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    Gravity Dropper Turbo vs. Classic

    I know it's an old debate, but what's the consensus especially now that other post are available as comparisons? Does having a multi-position GD post change the preference between Turbo or Classic? Thanks.

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    I've got the classic with three positions and it rocks. I never think to myself, "Boy, that seat should have come up faster."

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    You can have multi-position on either Turbo or Classic. Not sure if I am understanding the question correctly.

    The multi-position on the GD isn't infinitely adjustable like the hydraulic posts.

    I have the Turbo and Classic and for me, all other things being equal with same drops, I prefer the Classic since the cable is routed downwards versus the Turbo pointing outwards. I end up bending the cable housings. Even tried using a v-brake noodle and bent that too.

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    I prefer the Turbo to the Classic even though the routing isn't as clean. The ability to pop the seat back up without having to tap it with my butt is worth the hassle the cable routing creates. Regardless of which post you go with I'd opt for the 5" multi drop.

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    +1 Turbo. I've had both.

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    +1 on Turbo too, I have the classic and the AMP which similar to Turbo same length and 3 positions. The butt switch on the classic make multitasking a step more complicated and can put your body out of position a bit.

    On other posts, I can wait til the rough section to shift/brake/drop the post at the same time up or down adding a downward tap while holding the lever may not be possible in many situations.

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