• 10-29-2013
    Fox VAN swap for Talas, Giant Reign x1 Question
    I recently bought a used '09 Reign x1 with a Fox 36 VAN 180 FIT RC2 front fork.

    I am curious about swapping the Van for a Fox 36 TALAS 160 FIT RC2.

    Both forks seem like they are available used for a similar price, and I would not mind paying a little on top if necessary.

    What do you guys think of this idea? I am not riding freeride/downhill type stuff and I get the impression this fork is too much for what I am riding.

    Would the Talas in the 120mm position have a noticeable improvement in climbing? I know this bike will not climb like my XC bike, but it's a beast and I am looking to make it a little more pedal friendly.

  • 10-29-2013
    looking at the x1 specs it seems like it was orig specd with a 160mm fork. i have an older 09 talas that has the 3 position settings of 160, 130, and 100mm. while i would almost never use the 100mm except in a very steep climb- my bike lives at 130mm and i never bottom it out in that setting. what i dont like about the new 36 talas' is that they give you only 2 positions that are way different- 180mm too 140mm or something. 180 is alot 160 is good but a little much unless your doing some big drops or hucks. that being said - it depends somewhat on geometry and how your rear is setup. 120mm may feel a little weird if your rear is set up for 6inches of travel. whichever you choose, if its the fox go with the rc2 damping the rlc isnt very good. Also you may consider xfusion vengeance hlr. it can be setup for 160 or 130 and is as plush as the 36 and more user servicable. hope that helps
  • 10-30-2013

    Originally Posted by nightops View Post
    Also you may consider xfusion vengeance hlr. it can be setup for 160 or 130 and is as plush as the 36 and more user servicable. hope that helps

    Thanks for the advice, I'll check out the xfusion. I am also looking into swapping out the spring in the VAN 36 to reduce the travel, but FOX says that's a no-go.
  • 10-30-2013
    I had a Talas 180 R on my Cannondale Claymore and it wasn't bad and worked most of the time. However I wanted to jump off one particularly gnarly ledge when my Talas failed to extended. Oddly enough the fork extended without any problems as soon as I got back from my ride. Note that I have used the Talas feature on many other occasions without incident and on that particular ride I had used it multiple times over four hours without any other problems.

    However I felt dissatisfied with the fork and had it sent back to Fox and upgraded to Float 36 RC2 and it made a huge difference. The difference was astounding I felt like I had a new bike. The improvement was not subtle I felt as if the bike's capabilities had improved by 50%.

    Of course I had a 2011 Talas Fork and Fox improved the Talas system for 2014 so this may no longer be a problem.

    A better solution might be Rockshox's Lyrik U-Turn, it's an adjustable travel coil fork. You would still get travel adjust capability without the hassles of an air based travel adjust system.

    Then of course you could just go with the Float 36 RC2, it's a lighter fork and the performance is still quite good.