Bit of a long shot, but anyone out there go from an Evil Following to a Santa Cruz Nomad V3, or at least ridden both, and can let me know if they were happy/disappointed in the change and why?

Iíve got a 100mm XC 29er and a Following (140mm fork and 120 shock). I really like the Following, but Iím thinking about changing it for something that gives me a bigger difference between my two bikes. I want something that is still fun to ride single track on, and that climbs ok as we have quite a few trails where itís an hour or so climb to enjoy the down.

I have owned gen 1 & 2 Nomads and while they climbed ok for a bike with that much travel, they still didnít climb that great, so Iím a little nervous about making the move.

Ideally I would look at something like a Hightower LT but finances wonít allow me to get a new bike at the moment and there are some good deals on the Nomad V3 at the moment which has got me interested.