Costa Rica riders and terrain question-
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    Costa Rica riders and terrain question

    Hello all, I am new here and also new to and would like to start doing it were I live here in Costa Rica. I live in Heredia near the mountains and there are alot of trails from which I can see and also lot's of riders. I would like to know what type of bike is best for here based on the terrain and what I like to do and dont do. I would like to ride many of the trails here and also love the downhill/freeride aspect of the sport but not sure if that is what is available here or not. I would like to hear from people who have rode here as to what to expect as far as terrain and style of bike to get (downhill, all mountain, xc, etc).
    They have a national championship right down the road from me in San Rafael at the Monte de la cruz single track, based on videos I have seen it looks more downhill, but, have not actually walked the course to find out yet only seen videos of it. I suppose I am looking for info on terrain and bike styles for here from people who live here or have biked here in the past, thanks.

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    I think the best suggestion I can offer you is to find the locals and ask them what they ride, etc. Is there a bike shop in town that sells an array of MTBs? I don't know how many people on these boards are familiar with the terrain in Costa Rica, but if I had to wager a guess, I might guess that its a lot like the Pacific Northwest/Northshore riding . . . wet, mud, loam, roots, and rocks with equal parts up and equal parts down. This is purely speculative though as I've never been to Costa Rica.

    At any rate . . . best advice I can give you is to get connected up with a local ride group. Check with your bike shop to see what they suggest.
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    thank you I will do.

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