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    Cannondale or Diamondback entry model hybrid?

    I am considering these two entry-level models to get me started in biking for exercise a few days a week. I want to get in shape, I hate running but I love bikeriding. I really need to do cardio!!

    I don't want the $200 junk from off-brand at amazon or walmart but I don't want to pay a lot for my first (real) bike. I do want to ride seriously, but not $2000 seriously, at least not at first. Maybe later I can get an expensive bike. Even $400 is still expensive.

    These two bikes look good, I was thinking of buying one from a local bike shop. I will test ride it when the rain stops. I'd like a road bike, but since hybrids seem to be cheaper, I'd also like a hybrid especially since it will also let me go off road if I wanted to.

    The two I am considering are these hybrid models:
    Diamondback Haanjo Metro
    Cannondale Quick 7 Quick 7 Mountain Bikes, Road Bikes, eBikes - Cannondale Bicycles

    Haanjo Metro says $550 but actual price is $400.
    Quick 7 says $520 but my local shop is selling for $400.

    And which is a better quality bike? I do take really good care of my stuff so I will make it last. I wondered if one is better quality than the other and if so , like if you were me which would you choose (or alternative in the price range)?

    And apparently MSRP means nothing? Supposed to be $700 bikes according to bicycle blue book but both are sold for $400. Are these $700 or $550 or $400 quality bikes?

    Any tips or other suggestions would also be helpful. Thank you!

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    Forum is dead? That sucks will try an active forum just realized forum is dead and posts were from like years ago

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    Quote Originally Posted by bikerider01 View Post
    Forum is dead? That sucks will try an active forum just realized forum is dead and posts were from like years ago
    It's not that, is that you posted in the All Mountain forum, and probably should post in the beginner's corner.

    With that said, most around here will say nay on the Hybrid, not good at any particular thing. Those two are very similar bikes, so its a matter of it fitting properly, and which one you like better. I've owned a Cannondale MTB and it was a great bike.

    Have you checked road bikes/or gravel/CX bikes in the used market? you can get good deals there.

    Where are you planning to ride mostly?
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    If I had to choose i would buy the bike with the disc brakes. But it has a 1x9 drive train. Depends of the area and elevation where the OP live.
    15 years ago i paid 1200 bucks for a bike similar to the linked Cannondale but with the Nexave groupset . I love the bike, misused it as a MTB for a while and it is still in use for city rides - its bombproofed. Except the brake pads and the tires and the chain i did not change any parts. But the V-brakes where the weak point in the design.
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