Bike selection - owner input requested-
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    Bike selection - owner input requested

    Hello. I am purchasing a new FS rig and am in between the following options:

    Santa Cruz 5010 (C R Kit)
    Ibis Ripmo
    Ibis Ripley
    Yeti SB130
    Alchemy Arktos

    Can any owners comment on these bikes? What you like? Love? Hate? Etc. Any warranty claims? I have only been able to ride the 5010 and love it. The virus issue hasn't let me ride the other bikes.

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    I have a Santa Cruz, and you can't beat them for customer service. They definitely take care of the customer. Of course it's rare that you need to talk to them because their bikes are so well-built.

    Not sure about the others, but I've read they all make great bikes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jayseakay View Post

    Santa Cruz 5010 (C R Kit)
    Ibis Ripmo
    Ibis Ripley
    Yeti SB130
    Alchemy Arktos
    I own the 2019 SC 5010 CC X01+ build.

    I extensively demoed the Ripley and SB130 (and the 5010) in June 2019. I had each bike for at least 24 hrs and rode 10-20 miles on my local trails (Bend, OR).

    I know nothing about the Alchemy.

    Right away, I think you can cross off either the Ripley or Ripmo, depending on your trails:
    * If you want a lower travel trail bike, get rid of the Ripmo and keep the Ripley on your list.
    * If you want to hit chunkier trails, or do more downhill/shuttle rides, keep the Ripmo on the list, and get ride of the Ripley.

    The Ripley was second on my list after demoing. If I had gone 29", I would have a Ripley today. The Ripley also seems to be lightweight. The Ripley is one of the more nimble 29ers.

    For Santa Cruz, I find their bikes heavy unless you get the 'CC' builds, which are very expensive. The 5010 C R build would be heavier than I want, but weight is subjective to each rider.

    The 5010 was by far the most nimble and flickable. However, I demo'd and bought the CC X01 build, with the DPX2, etc. The C R build with the DPS shock will be different. Check out the SC 5010 threads for opinions here.

    The SB130 was the best at handling chunky downhills (technical rocky descents). However, besides that, I found it very sterile and sluggish to ride as a trail bike. I suspect it needs to be pushed harder/faster to really shine. My trails are more flowy and less technical, so this bike wasn't what I wanted. It was too boring for me most of the time. It was also the heaviest bike I road, at ~32 lbs before pedals.

    Both Yeti and Santa Cruz have two levels of carbon frames. IMHO, that is annoying because to get the lower weight frame, you need to spend a lot more than a comparable Ibis, who only has one level of carbon fiber. If i was shopping with a budget for the 5010 C R build, I might be more tempted to get the Ibis, and upgrade components over time.

    Good Luck.

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