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    BHS Bitex hubs

    Anyone have the bitex hubs offered at I have the 211's laced to flow's and so far they have been awesome. 54 POE, relatively light and color options. Just wanted to hear others' opinions on these hubs.

    Unless you're going to really high end hubs I can't see a reason why I would go with anything else. I put them on level with hope pro4 and maybe dt swiss 350 though I think the ratchet system in the dt's requires less maintenance and very easy to service.

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    I was looking at these hubs. How are the bearings for service? I live in seattle and have a lot of wet days.

    Clarifying: can you access all the bearing shields so you could remove them and add grease?
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    Quote Originally Posted by stumphumper92 View Post
    Anyone have the bitex hubs offered at
    I've had quite a few of them. They're good budget hubs. Upgrade to the steel axle when ordering and they should be bombproof. If you're running a Shimano style cassette, it's worth upgrading to the steel freehub as well (in addition, the steel freehub has an extra bearing - so very stout setup). I'm currently running a Bitex BX211R hub with steel axle and steel freehub on my park/enduro rear wheel and it serves me well.

    Quote Originally Posted by rockcrusher View Post
    Clarifying: can you access all the bearing shields so you could remove them and add grease?
    yes. And the bearings are pretty easily replaced when the time comes. I just installed a new pair of bearings into my BX211R rear hubshell last week. (The original pair of bearings were starting to become a little 'gritty' after 2-3 years of riding)

    Main thing I'll add - once you get your hubs, remove the disc side end cap and put some blue loc-tite on the threads. I preemptively do this and have never had any problems. Keep the end caps tight and these hubs will serve you well.

    Edit: I'll also add that if you ever need to swap freehubs or pull the hub apart, pay close attention and don't misplace to the spacer/washer that rides on the axle and sits between the freehub and the driveside bearing on the hub body.
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    Building my second wheelset w/Bitex hubs right now!!
    Swap-able end caps and replaceable sealed bearings!! Awesome!

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    They've become fairly popular over the years. Almost everyone has good luck on them.

    Ive had so, so many sets of them either personally or from wheels I've sold. Maybe 200 hubs total? My experience has been exemplary, no come backs and no problems... however, they're not perfect. More than a few people have snapped axles on them and the bearing quality is just so-so.

    I wouldnt say they're bombproof by any means, but I would say most riders in general dont beat their gear to death and will do just fine. Known hub abusers should go ahead and skip them.

    My bitex hubs on my road bike must be pushing 10 years old now. They've had new bearings in them, but thats it.

    When I was using/selling them heavily, there was no steel axle and no one ever asked for the steel freehub. All aluminum, and no problems. If you think you're the kind of person that needs that sort of beef, just get something else off the bat. A modified and upgraded bitex costs the same as a DT 350.

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    BHS customer service is AWESOME!!
    I just had an issue and it was address likkity-split!!
    Best budget hubs on the market!!

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    +1 on BHS customer service and Bitex hubs.
    Do the math.

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