• 08-04-2006
    any tips for semi newb with newb bike
    so i have been riding for about a month or 2 some of the hardest trails in my area (black hills sd). and i have been riding a wally world mongoose. well i ahve waht maye 2 inches of travel? and i have been getting majorly scared doing osme new jumps/drops and very sweet runs but i get scared and i feel very awkward. any way to get rid of this feeling? and to help to just "do it" do i need some "dew"? and today i did put in a loan to the bank to maybe get meself a reign 2. we shall see what they do since i already have a loan... pray for me! thanks for the help guys! any tips appreciated!

    willis aka willie
  • 08-05-2006
    I started on a hardtail and was bitten by the bug, got a FS and watched many bike DVDs (Kranked 5 was the first one I ever bought), then went to a FS with more travel, went to Diablo and never left there.
    Keep riding, keep practicing, keep reading and researching.