• 05-28-2020
    2017 Intense Spider 275c 27.5x2.60 vs 2019 Evil Following MB 29x2.35
    41 year old intermediate advanced rider, likes to go fast, hates to go slow, all east coast riding singletrack 50/50 climb to descend but no long descents, rocks and roots and mud, spends 50% of the time riding on a either a 26er or 29er single speed 32T/18T, likes a challenge and likes to have the lightest bike possible given its intended purpose.

    Currently riding a 2017 Intense Spider in large and while it doesn't feel too long to me per say it does feel like it's at the limit and requires extra effort to get the front end up even with a 40mm stem. running at PNW 150 dropper that is limited to 135 travel and collar is slammed to top of the (very long I think) seat tube of the Spider. 27.5 on 2.6 and it's a blast to ride and certainly not slow by any means but just wondering if anyone has any experience on both of these rigs or on similar rigs to give feedback on comparison. No Evil dealers around me (or Intense for that matter) so it's a read reviews and look at geometry process to see if I may like the bike.