Hi everyone,

Somewhat of a newb here. After about 6 years getting back into riding. I used to have a monster Kona Stinky which was a beast. I live in BC and am now looking for an new enduro bike. I値l be doing most of my riding on local trails (pedalling up and barreling down) in the lower mainland but also want something I can take to the bike park on occasion. Based on my research, I知 leaning towards a Norco range or Kona process 153. Not a huge budget so I知 looking into used, specifically a 2013/14 norco range or a 2014/15 Process 153 DL. I知 not very knowledgeable when it comes to specs so looking for some advice and personal experience. Also can anyone explain why a 2013 Range (killer b-1) is worth more than an2014 A-1?