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    Caution;  Merge;  Workers Ahead! Yukon camping trip, anyone??? NOT FOR THE SQUIMMISH!!!

    What is with the bears? Did they not have a fish feed this year? I heard not a lot of berry's came in this year. We didn't go berry picking, so I couldn't say...

    I'm getting a gun... Screw the bear spray... If this guy only had bear spray, do you think he would be still a live? Only by the grace of GOD if he was...

    Polar Bear Attack in the High Arctic

    I received the Polar Bear Attack in the High Arctic via email with photos. I removed the picture because they were too graphic... The guy suffered multiple cuts, scratches, and bites to his back, and has his right ankle is gone, but his foot, top and lower bones are still there... I removed it in respect to the persons privacy. If this person didn't have a gun, he would be dead. He managed to kick the bear off him, and was able to get off a couple shoots and killed the bear (as seen in the top photo). No bear spray in the would would have saved him from this bear attack...
    When you are out in the woods, it's no game. Where it's here in town on the hillside or 300 miles in the bush...
    It can happen to any of us.

    I found part of the article here: Polar Bear Attack in the High Arctic


    (I'm only going to show these two)

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    Just get out and, RIDE!!!

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