FNBP Trails Improvement Plan
Written Public Comment Deadline Approaches!!!
April 29, 2009

Please take some time to look at the trails plan documents and submit your comments online. The park planners and Parks & Rec Commissioners really read these! All park users are invited to comment.

FNBP Trails Improvement Plan Documents: http://www.muni.org/parks/FNBPTrailsPlanDocs.cfm
Here's the link to provide written comments: http://www.muni.org/parks/FNBPTrailsPlanComments.cfm

Please pay particular attention to:

Phase II Singletrack Trails, Project #24: http://www.muni.org/iceimages/parks/6_TIP3.pdf Singletrack Advocates is receiving opposition from some neighbors citing bear issues. We removed from the project, all proposed trails between Campbell Creek to the south, and Campbell Airstrip Road to the north in order to allow a wider wildlife corridor. This effectively cut Phase II in half.
o Also, some trails in Bicentennial Park are slated for widening but this might serve a greater purpose. You decide!
Project #17, Multiuse Connector from Gasline/Spencer Loop Area to Chugach State Park: STA co-located the new singletrack trails with this multi-use trail so as to minimize disruption of the singletrack should this project go through. STA and Nordic Ski Club trail designers worked together to achieve optimum alignments for both trails.
The Trails Classification System: http://www.muni.org/iceimages/parks/5_TIP2.pdf This should clarify what trails should look like and be maintained for their intended use.
Figure 16, Existing and Proposed Trail Classes: http://www.muni.org/iceimages/parks/4_TIP1.pdf The STA trails built last summer are described as multi-use except for equestrians. If you agree with this, please comment.

PUBLIC HEARING DATE: Thursday, May 14th 6:00 p.m.
Lidia Selkregg Chalet at Russian Jack Springs Park