Winter Single Track Biking???-
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    Winter Single Track Biking???

    I started winter biking by commuting from Hillside to Downtown last year on my mountain bike. I go through bicentennial, UAA and down the Westchester trail. Downside is travel time is dictated by snow conditions. It can be 50 minutes or take 2 hrs if you end up 'pushing snow'.

    Last weekend I got an opportunity to ride a fat tire bike from Arctic Cycles. Tried it on some single track I would never dream of riding on my skinnies. WOW!. That bike would get me home a lot quicker. Of course, it would get me to work on time too, always tradeoffs I guess.

    I'm not in the market for another bike, but now that I know there's a rental option out there at least I can think about Susitna100, Iditarod Trail 350 - how cool would that be, and some occasional single track in the winter.

    Glad I didn't wait any longer to try one. Thanks for hooking me up Billy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TriNut
    Last weekend I got an opportunity to ride a fat tire bike from Arctic Cycles. Tried it on some single track I would never dream of riding on my skinnies. ... Thanks for hooking me up Billy!
    Are they offering rental discounts to everyone who posts rave reviews on the forum?

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    That's a good question. I should ask next time I rent one.

    I post rave reviews because I'm happy with what they do. They will customize a rental for you for no additional charge. Who does that?! That's worth raving about. They rent bikes that I can buy from local shops, and they promote buying stuff from local shops because they have a ton of respect for what the local shops do for the biking community.

    I also post reviews here to help them out, because they spent a ton of money on a fleet of brand spanking new equipment that they bought from local shops probably at full retail, and if people don't get the word out, then the bikes sit there unused. I have a wife, as does the owner of Arctic Cycles, and if I owned a fleet of rental bikes, my wife would be stressing constantly if even one wasn't rented.

    From what I've seen, Arctic Cycles is trying to promote the sport for the sport's sake, too. They spend money, time and resources on stuff that might not generate extra income for them. He's renting those 80mm's now (that he probably bought from a local shop, probably at full retail) for no additional rental fee. Shop owners should be raving. It doesn't cost them any extra money to have this stuff out on the trails as a rolling promotion for buying stuff from them. They have every combination of rental, too. You can rent Snow Cats, Large Marge's, the 80mm's to put on YOUR bike to try out. If you like something or something works for you he says to go buy it local. He even has rental Nokian studs if you want to try those.

    If even one person buys a bike or wheels or anything from a local shop because they've been introduced to the sport by Arctic Cycles, then everybody wins. I win because I was able to ride a rental bike or tires until I could figure out exactly what I wanted, the shops win because another citizen has joined the ranks of their customers, and Arctic Cycles wins because their bikes are out on the trails (wife happy), not parked gathering dust (wife not happy).

    I mentioned in my first post "If this sounds like a commercial for "Arctic Cycles Fat Bike Rental (907)351-8545 (, I won't apologize because they hooked me up, etc...."

    That statement still stands.

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