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    What tire?

    I figure I would ask the people with all of the snow this questions. I am building a snow bike with echo 46mm rims for a surly 1x1. I was wondering is is it worth saving weight for less width. I was thinking of using th arrow racing savage 26x3.0 but the weight is 1650 grams on the other hand wtb weif wolfs at 2.55 only 790 grams. what would be the best route? something in between the 2?

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    I always liked the Wier Wolf 2.3. on a Snocat(44). They seem to hook up best under my bikes. I know a guy who swears by the Geax Blade. No longer made. Good mud tire for sure. The weight thing can be an issue when it comes to tires. 900 gms is a lot when it has to go around in circles because of your legs. If you gotta go huge,see if you can stuff a Endo Morph in there. Gobs of float.

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    i run viz rims, which are almost the same, with duro 26x3" tires which are probably almost identical tot he ones you're looking at. they blow 2.5" tires out of the water. you can run absurdly low pressures with almost no squirm thanks to the really stiff sidewalls. those low pressures also offer you a very big contact patch. they really float well, and are usefull both in the winter and during spring thaw, as they float really well over trails too soft for normal 2.1" or 2.3" tires. last spring i often ran a 29 x 2.55(really 2.45) weirwolf on the front and a 26 x 3 out back. on trails with alot of frost heave, the weirwolf tracks were clearly visible while the 26 x 3" tracks were nearly impossible to see.

    i don't own a bike with the ability to fit endomorphs yet, and when i do, i might think myself an idiot for swearing by 26 x 3" downhill tires. but they're the best i can do with what i have and they work pretty well.

    i say get both. run the 3" tires when float becomes an issue, and run the ww's when the trails are firm and you gat get away with less float.

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    get the widest tire you can fit in the bike then cut off the knobs near the center of the tire so it at least rolls fast.

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    I have a friend running a Kenda 2.7 on a LargeMarge wheel in the back of a 1x1. It fits with a small amount of room left. I do not believe a 3.0 would fit in the back of the 1x1 unless it was on a very small skinny wheel or had no knobs sticking out?

    A pic of the Kenda 2.7 + LM. Not in the 1x1 frame tho:

    And per the 1x1 stats on surly's website:
    Tire clearance: Fatties Fit Fine (FFF) chainstays and our custom fork give room for tires up to 2.7" with plenty of mud and fender clearance left over. Seriously!

    Sad thing is, the weight on the Kenda 2.7 is 1431±80g so its already close to your 3.0 option if that does fit.

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    A guy up here was running 3.0 tires (Gazzaloddis) with Large Marges on a 1x1, so they will fit. Not sure if he had to cut down any knobs but I don't believe so.

    Those Echo rims are a nice option, I sort of regret not going that route for the wife's Pugsley, especially since she really wanted white wheels.

    It does depend somewhat on your conditions. If you ride packed trails, a narrower tire would work just fine, but personally I would go with a 3.0 tire if I could get one. You're not gonna set any speed records riding in the snow anyways.

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    3" gazzas fit a 1x1 fine

    I am running 3" Gazzaloddis on large marges on a 1x1. They fit, but it is pretty tight.

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    like surly sez, "fatties fit fine".

    some 1x1s w/ lm/3.0 nokians--

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