**August 13** 6:00 pm at the Spenard Recreation Center, located at 2020 W. 48th Avenue.
The TRAIL IMPROVEMENTS PLAN will be on the Parks & Recreation Commission Meeting agenda as an action item. The Commission will be making a recommendation on the plan that will go to the Urban Design Commission for review and approval. To see the draft plan, go to http://www.muni.org/parks/FNBPTrailsPlanDocs.cfm.

There are two more steps before the FNBP Trails Improvement Plan is finalized. Be aware that the recommendation of the Parks & Rec Department and a subcommittee of the Parks & Rec Commission is to eliminate Phase II from the plan and provide instead an alternate area for singletrack construction in the vicinity of Black Bear Trail. Parks & Rec would like to relocate Rovers Run away from Campbell Creek, in theory, to avoid human/bear interactions and to provide a more sustainable trail with adequate drainage. Parks & Rec would support constructing a network of singletrack in this area. STA has funding that will expire in September 2010. We are interested in spending this money; itís just a question of where.

There is strong opposition from the Stuckagain Community Council and ADF&G to the Phase II project area north of Campbell Airstrip Road and west of the Stuckagain Heights Neighborhood. Concern for wildlife is the chief concern. The Community Council would also like to preserve the area for their existing use on social trails throughout the area. Others opposed include those who object to new development in the park. As stated in the draft, this area is slated for no new development.

Good, bad or ugly, you are invited to attend this hearing and voice your concerns.