• 07-27-2008
    Queen Bee
    Volunteer Work Party on New Trail
    Announcing our first organized volunteer work party on the new singletrack trail!

    Date: Wednesday, July 30th
    Time: 6:30 p.m.
    Place: Upper trail entrance (Park at the Prospect Heights Trailhead and walk down the Gasline trail to the 2nd knoll. There's a big project sign there. If you're late, come on down the trail till you run into us.
    What to Bring: Shovels, pruning sheers/loppers, crowbars (we need at least two crowbars), "bear repellant."
    Provided: McCleods, Pulaskis
    Goals: Provide drainage for soggy spots; strategically place rocks and logs as trail features and obstacles to keep people on the trail tread; trim assorted strategic branches that will keep people on the trail tread.

    Incentives: Good Company; "liquid carbonated beverage" post-workparty.
  • 07-28-2008

    On the crowbar, do you mean a digging bar (non-tempered steel, non-prying tool) or a rock bar (tempered steel, for prying heavy objects). I'll be there in any case. kk
  • 07-28-2008
    Queen Bee
    An implement of adequate length and strength to move rocks approximately 1ft. x 1ft. x 2ft., or 2 ft. in diameter.
  • 07-31-2008
    Queen Bee
    Feats of Strength
    I witnessed great feats of strength last night on the new trail. You shoulda seen about 6 hulking guys wrestle that 500lb rock into position! Way to go, guys!!! Some cool stuff is already starting to develop.

    We had 24 trail volunteers at our first official work party--thanks to everyone who helped define the tread, trim branches, clear slash, and maneuver rocks into place.

    We'll stage another one of these on Wed. Aug 13th at 6:30 from the Prospect Heights parking lot. I'll try to get the parking fee waived.

    Thanks again for your help!