Cut the last of the lugs off the WTB Timberwolf 2.7's a couple of weeks ago and the difference was startling. Wow do those tires ever roll nice now. There's still about an 1/8th inch of lug left so they have decent traction. We've had springlike trail conditions for a couple of months and never did get anything more than and inch or two of snow so I don't know how they'd do in deep snow conditions, but from past experiance they should work fine. I've been running them at such high pressure that when I do let a little air out (mostly for comfort) the traction improves. If they have lost a little traction I'm happy with the tradeoff considering how well they roll. According to their website WTB has stopped making the 2.7's (2.5's the biggest) but last time I looked Nashbar had them at around 22 bucks U.S., I stocked up. I use the racing tire which is about 950 grams before cutting off 100-150 grams of lugs. The standard 2.7 weighs a whopping 1750 grams.

Took the bike into Beaver Sports today and weighed it with the 2.7's on SnoCats, bar ends and seat bag with tools and spare tube. 21.5 lbs. The bike guy couldn't believe it. I'm so happy with this bike, it flies down the trails. A nod to Mark G. for looking at this bike last year in it's summer attire and remarking how much clearance it had.