I was just thinking last night over a cup o' beer at the post-Frosty Bottom awards party, how lucky we are to have some energetic folks who plan these cool (freezing) events so that we can all have some fun in the dark of winter. I imagined for a moment what winter for a cyclist would be like without these events. Think of the innovations that have sprung up through our desire to pursue them!

Carlos with his Frigid Bits ice crits and fun rides, Pete's pick-up bike polo matches (jungle rules, I like that... 'cept I'm too chicken to show up for one of these), Tim Woody's New Year's Day hammer-fest, Brooks and Rita Wade with the perennial favorite Susitna (and of course Bill and Kathie Merchant's Ultrasport to McGrath and beyond). There's something fun for everyone! And of course there are the dozens of support volunteers out there that make it all possible.

Alaskans are fun and inventive. My life would be pretty boring without these great things to look forward to.

I just want to say thanks. I haven't said it nearly enough!